Supplements, health & beauty:

Optimising your online store

Outline of discussion

More than ever, people are taking an interest in their health.

Sales of vitamins and supplements have grown approximately 20%-140% week on week since the beginning of March, according to L.E.K. Consulting.

The market size for dietary supplements in Europe is projected to be worth over €18 billion by 2026, creating massive opportunities for those in the health and well-being industries. 

Online beauty shopping is also becoming an even more usual habit amid coronavirus. After initial difficulties, online sales of beauty and personal care products have steadily increased, up to 213% worldwide from their pre-pandemic level, according to analytics firm Contentsquare.

With that in mind - we’re looking into key areas of optimisation for those looking to start selling supplements online, create an online branch of their current brand or even make improvements to their existing online store. 


Topics covered in this eBook include

  • Optimising customer experience (CX)
  • The concept of personalised nutrition
  • Effective marketing
  • Making SEO work for you
  • Subscription services and deliveries